Filosoof Jenever









Nienke Oostra van Filosoof jenever maakt steeds een nieuwe jenever die wordt opgedragen aan een vrouw die belangrijk is in haar leven.

Amber is a fruity barrel aged rye jenever with jasmin tea and fermented calamus root.

500 ml. 42% alc. Vol. €32,50

Hilde is a ‘scheepsjenever’ with eucalyptus flower, bay leave and liquorice.

500 ml. 45% alc. Vol. €35,00

Arieke is a smokey maltwine jenever wit grassy Saaz hops.

500 ml. 45% alc. Vol. €35,00

Koshka is an oude jenever
with east kent and lemon drop hops, lemon and rose..

500 ml. 36,5% alc. Vol. €25,00

Marije is a distillate from a porter enriched with columbus hops and juniper.

45% alc. Vol. €35,00

Tamar is a sour and smokey lemon jenever with hibiscus and Lapsang Souchon tea.

42% alc. Vol. €32,50

Tini is a very spicy rye jenever with white pepper corn and calamus, hints of cinamon, orange zest and cuming.

500 ml. 45% alc. Vol. €32,50

Wieke is a ‘moutwijnjenever’, it contains out of hundred procent rye maltwine and has been aged for four years on an
ex-bourbon hogshead.

500 ml. 45% alc. Vol. €40,00

Rodante is a floral barrel
aged rye jenever with rose, chamomille, hawthorne and lemon.

500 ml. 45% alc. Vol. €32,50